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Why is it difficult to increase the temperature of a vertical injection moulding machine?

Vertical injection moulding machine is a mechanical equipment. The plastic industry is inseparable from a tool, usually by the injection system, moulding system, hydraulic conveyor system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc.

The following 9 points are the vertical injection molding machine temperature does not rise the reason:

  1. The machine tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not enough, the capacity of the cooler device is too small or damaged.
  2. According to the fast-forward speed selection of the oil pump capacity quantitative pump oil supply system, the work will have the most excess flow under high pressure from the relief valve overflow back and heat.
  3. System unloading circuit failure or because the unloading circuit is not set, stop the work of the oil pump can not unload, the pump all the flow of high-pressure overflow because it will produce overflow loss and heat, leading to higher temperatures.
  4. The system pipeline is too thin and long, with too much bending, local pressure loss and along the pressure loss.
    5, the electrical components’ jing degree is insufficient, the assembly quality is poor, and the relative motion between the mechanical friction loss is low.
  5. With the parts with too small a gap, or the use of wear and tear resulting in the excessive gap, internal and external leakage, resulting in large volume loss, such as the pump volumetric efficiency is reduced, the temperature rises quickly.
  6. The hydraulic system operating pressure adjustment is much higher than needed. Or, due to seal damage, leakage increases without not adjusting the pressure to work.
  7. High air and operating environment temperatures result in high oil temperatures.
  8. The choice of oil viscosity is not appropriate; viscosity, viscosity resistance, and viscosity are too small, and the leakage increases can cause the heating temperature to rise.

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