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How to choose the model of injection molding machine

How to choose the model of injection molding machine?

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of injection molding machines, and various specifications, models, quality, and grades of injection molding machines can meet the needs of different manufacturers, so we do not know where to start when selecting injection molding machines

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How should I purchase an injection molding machine

How should I purchase an injection molding machine?

Generally speaking, enterprises or department managers and related technical personnel who have been engaged in the plastic products industry for many years are capable of making their judgment and choosing the suitable injection molding machine for purchase because they have

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How to use pressure-holding wisely

How to use pressure-holding wisely?

Different material shrinkage will produce problems, such as product sink, deformation warpage, size abnormality, batch front, etc. Therefore, mastering the skill of using good pressure-holding can solve most of the lousy injection molding. The material is in high temperature and

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plastic injection molding process

What is the plastic injection molding process?

The injection moulding process mainly consists of 6 stages: mold closing – filling – holding pressure – cooling – mold opening –Demolding, and other 6 stages. These 6 stages directly determine the moulding quality of the product, and these six

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