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Why is the screw of the vertical injection molding machine damaged?

For vertical injection molding machines, screw damage is what causes how to dismantle the maintenance. Please see the detailed instructions.

  1. Screw damage and temperature also have a relationship, but very little; almost always, the screw itself is poor toughness or has been used for a long time, replace the screw. Temperature should be controlled in the boot. Pay attention to be after the loose back and then shot, because in the absence of loose back, the rocket head at the raw material package, if direct washing or shot, can directly cause the rocket head to break against the finger ring rupture, remember the successive loose back and then shot, so that the rocket head of the raw material and the rocket head phase separation.
  2. Raw materials are rough, such as raw materials to join the GF raw material is the cost of screws and machines! This material has poor fluidity and requires fast shooting speed. Mastery is not good; the light rocket head, the reverse finger ring rupture, and the heavy broken screw for more than one section.
  3. Process problems, back pressure, and screw breakage are also related! The back pressure is too large; when adding material, the screw, after the force increases, can also make the screw fracture.

Screw fracture can be prevented, with the use of raw materials to add GF, if the shutdown for more than 3 minutes or more, boot choice to clean the raw materials in the tube, good use of PP viscosity, and cleaning screw to prevent the decomposition of raw materials wrapped screw and rocket head. Cleaning, the speed of rotation is reduced so that the raw materials in the heat rotation are fully melted; cleaning screws for needlepoint mold or cleaning screw raw materials are good to prevent the glue channel from pasted on the static template, the use of hot material in the start-up production.

No matter what raw materials, vertical injection molding machine downtime is not production. It must be all the residual raw materials out of the cleaning screw, ready for the next production.

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