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Most frequent questions and answers

Under normal circumstances, the following information must be collected before purchasing a vertical injection molding machine, and the more detailed, the better.
1. Mold size (length, width, and height), weight, exceptional design, etc., mold guide post-stroke, with or without hot runner and thimble device.
2. The characteristics of using plastics.
3. The size and weight of the injection product.
4. Molding requirements, including the production cycle of a few (a few holes in a mold), product quality requirements, product appearance, size requirements, etc.

The clamping force of the product ranges from 15 tons to 500 tons.

Automobile manufacturing, medical equipment industry, cosmetics industry, knives, sanitary ware, furniture, toys, daily necessities, baby products, electronic connectors, optical lenses, backlight boards, watch movement gears, shoe soles, color plates, hoses, rigid tubes, etc. Production of plastic products in various industries.

Factory we are, all the machine are made by ourselves. Besides, you can get the customized service with your requirements.

Our company typical lead times range from 3-4weeks after receipt of order.

We accept payment of T/T, L/C, and Western Union, O/A etc.

Yes, we have CE certification, machine quality is one year guaranteed.

The MOQ depends on your requirements for color, logo and so on. For some normal items, we have in stock, the MOQ is 1 set.

We have always placed great emphasis on the quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is “to provide customers better quality, better price, and better service”.

Normally in plywood case, to make sure all goods in good condition.