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What Parts in the Vertical Injection Molding Machine Will Generate Temperature?

Vertical injection molding machine production is a very complex process. During the production process of the manufacturer, many temperatures need to be paid attention to, and these temperatures greatly impact the final shape of the product, which is a critical factor.

In the production process of vertical injection molding machines, we generally need to pay attention to the following temperatures: material temperature, oil temperature, and mold temperature. The temperatures that must be manipulated during the injection molding process of a vertical injection molding machine are barrel temperature, nozzle temperature, and mold temperature. The first two temperatures critically affect the plastic refining and fluidity of the plastic, while this latter temperature critically affects the fluidity and cooling of the plastic.

During the production process of the vertical injection molding machine, because the equipment has to keep moving, the hydraulic oil inside the equipment will keep rubbing against each other, generating more and more heat, which will eventually make the oil temperature rise continuously. Therefore, during the production process, the oil temperature must be checked in time to maintain the oil temperature at a normal temperature of about 45℃. If the oil temperature is too low or too high, it will have a variety of effects on the system’s pressure transmission belt, affecting the normal conduct of production.

Material temperature is also a piece that needs attention, and the material temperature is often referred to as the barrel temperature, which is generally determined by the material used and the product’s specific requirements. In vertical injection molding machine production, the material temperature generally changes with the different production needs. Hence, it would help if you made timely adjustments, but not more than the standard temperature requirements. In addition, the cycle time and material should also be taken into consideration.

Mold temperature is also an important reference temperature and parameter for producing vertical injection molding machines. The influence of the mold temperature on the final product shape and whether it meets the standard is great. Therefore, when setting the mold temperature, the product factors must be considered, not a single consideration of temperature requirements, which will affect the normal orderly progress of the processes. The production of products will be very low to meet the standard rate.

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