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What Products Can be Produced by Injection Molding?

When we produce products that require plastic molded parts, there are a variety of manufacturing processes to choose from depending on the type of part we will be producing.  Plastic injection molding is one of the popular processes for producing high-quality and cost-effective plastic parts.

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that can produce plastic parts in high volumes, from thousands to millions.  It is a manufacturing process in which molten resin is injected into a hollow mold until it is filled.  The mold is cooled to release the finished plastic part.  Injection molding is versatile and can produce many features for various applications.

What products can be produced by injection molding?

Electronic Enclosures

Electronic housings are widely produced by injection molding.  Electronic housings are used in remote controls, computers, televisions, medical devices, consumer electronic components, and other devices produced through injection molding.  Injection molding can produce any custom plastic housing.


Injection molding can produce lightweight and durable toys.  Toys are often available in a variety of sizes and colors.  Toys are designed to be easily and precisely assembled.  An example is the Lego brand.  Lego brand toys are made from stronger plastic pellets that are heated until liquefied.  They are then injected into metal molds, where the plastic cools and cures into riveted bricks and other shapes.  Each block in a LEGO toy is precisely molded so they fit together nicely.  Toys are precision products in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Agricultural parts

In agriculture, producing plastic parts instead of metal parts can reduce costs.  Plastic parts have a high impact resistance and high humidity during use.  They are resistant to very high or very low temperatures.  Plastic parts are resistant to corrosion.  UV additives protect plastic parts from extreme weather conditions.

Household parts

Many of the common household items we use in our daily lives are produced through the injection molding process.  Examples include molded bottle caps, containers, components, drinking utensils, etc.

Mechanical and automotive parts

Many internal and external components in automobiles or transport vehicles, such as bumpers, instrument panels, radio controls, cup holders, etc., are produced through the injection molding process.

Healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry, many products are produced through the injection molding process.  The healthcare industry relies on high-volume production of plastic products.  Many healthcare products are single-use disposable items to prevent the spread of bacteria or disease.  Injection molding helps the healthcare industry with everything from plastic syringes to the tools used in medical procedures.

The injection molding process is widely used to produce everyday household items from commercial, industrial, and consumer products.  Injection molding provides the versatility to produce complex designs of any size.  The injection molding process can produce parts for electronic housings, agricultural products, toys, mechanical components, and more.

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