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How to distinguish liquid silicone from solid silicone products?

Liquid silicone products have high transparency and no odor. The products have glue injection edges, no obvious mould pattern and hair edge defects. The appearance is more exquisite. Solid silicone products have low transparency, the smell of curing agents or other curing agents, the products are not injected with glue, the mould is closed at the top and bottom, and the parting part of the product has a particular mold self-separation line.

What is the difference between liquid silicone and solid silicone?


Liquid silicone is generally used for baby, kitchen, and medical products, which can be in direct contact with food and the human body.

Solid silicone is generally used for daily necessities, miscellaneous industrial parts, waterproof sealing of electronic products, auto parts, etc.

Safety of liquid silica gel and solid silica gel: liquid silica gel is a highly transparent and safe food-grade material, and no curing agent and other auxiliary materials are added in moulding and sealing feeding. Solid silicone is a transparent material that requires the addition of curing agents to speed up the vulcanization and molding time and open-mould feeding molding.

Distinguished from the way of molding.

Liquid silicone is injection molding liquid silicone rubber: complete name injection molding liquid silicone rubber, vulcanization equipment for injection molding machine. Injection molding machine process is simple, high precision products, high yield, save staffing, save electricity, save materials and other advantages, can produce a variety of high-temperature rubber products, is the mainstream of the future development of silicone rubber materials.

Solid-state silicone molding is a solid raw material. After mixing with the mixer, the cutter cuts into the appropriate size and thickness of the product and mold, then puts it into the mold, pressure molding machine at a specific temperature to form. When demolded and plastic products are the same, cleaning the mould is necessary, etc.

Difference between molds.

The structure of solid silicone molds is generally straightforward, they only need to be processed into the corresponding cavities and cavities according to the parameters of the product, and the processing cost is relatively low.

The structure of liquid silicone molds is complicated and requires consideration of the location of the injection port, cold runner system design, exhaust system design, mold temperature monitoring and other issues, and the mold processing costs are high.

Liquid silicone has high transparency and no odor, and the product has a glue injection port.

Solid silicone has the flavour of a curing agent or other curing agents, and the product has no glue.

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