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Comprehensive understanding of vertical injection molding machines

For everyone to fully understand the vertical injection molding machine, what is a plastic vertical injection molding machine, its characteristics, the three elements, how to operate the injection molding machine, and its injection molding steps. And how to repair the plastic injection machine. However, the best way to repair the injection molding machine is to contact the manufacturer.

What is a vertical injection molding machine?

Vertical injection molding machine (abbreviated as injection machine or injection molding machine) is the leading molding equipment that uses plastic molding dies to make thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into various shapes of plastic products.

An injection molding machine is usually composed of an injection system, a clamping system, a hydraulic transmission system, an electrical control system, a lubrication system, heating and cooling system, and a safety monitoring system.

The vertical injection molding equipment is the vertical injection, mainly in the plastic molding machine below 3 tons:

1. Vertical column-free clamping, horizontal injection, the mold is open on three sides, and more convenient and safer operation.

2. The injection pressure is significant, controlled by a torque hydraulic motor. The screw torque is ample, pre-plasticization is high, and a proportional valve controls the system pressure.

3. Multi-stage pressure output, sensitive pressure response, precise and accurate.

4. Single, double slide and turntable systems can be installed to improve production efficiency.

5. It is suitable for the production of a large amount of ejaculatory glue.

Features of perpendicular injection molding machine

 1. The injection device and the setting device are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. Its nethermost space is only about half of a perpendicular machine, so it’s about twice as productive when converted into nethermost space.

 2. Easy to realize insert molding. Because the face of the mold faces above, the insert is easy to place and place. Using the model with the lower template fixed and the upper template portable and combining the belt conveyor device and the manipulator, completely automatic insert molding can be fluently realized.

 3. The weight of the mold is supported by the vertical template to open and close up and down, and the miracle that the template can not be opened and closed due to the graveness of the mold, like a vertical machine, won’t do. It’s conducive to maintaining the delicacy of ministry and molds for continuity.

4. The depression of each plastic part can be taken out by a simple manipulator, which is conducive to perfection molding.

What are the three significant rudiments of a perpendicular injection molding machine? 

 1. Three systems of perpendicular injection molding machine

1) Injection system

The injection system has three main functions toast, melt, and plasticize the plastic slightly and reach a fluid state; the other is to fit a quantitative quantum of melt into the depression under certain pressure and speed; the third is to end the injection. After that, pressure is maintained on the melt in the mold depression, and the mold depression is filled with accouterments.

 2) mold setting system

The mold setting system has three main functions one is to realize the dependable opening and ending of the mold; the alternative is to ensure sufficient locking force during injection and pressure holding to help the plastic part from overflowing; the third is to realize the demolding of the plastic part.

3) Control system

The control system is the brain of the perpendicular injection molding machine. It controls the colorful conduct of the injection molding machine. The established program enables the control system to effectively control and acclimate time, position, pressure, speed, and other parameters. The five rudiments of an injection molding machine are temperature, speed, time, pressure and volume (metering).

2. The five significant rudiments of the injection molding process are pressure, speed, position, time, temperature. 

3. There are three essential rudiments of injection molding machines (including injection molding machines and supplementary machines), molds, and accouterments.

What are the injection steps of a vertical injection molding machine?

The advantages of the molding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, a wide variety of patterns, shapes from simple to complex, sizes from large to small, accurate product size, easy replacement of products, and can be made. For parts with complex shapes, injection molding is suitable for mass production and complex conditions.

The first is the clamping process of the vertical injection molding machine. The pressure oil in the clamping cylinder pushes the clamping mechanism to move, and the movable template moves to close the mold.

The second step is the injection device. After the clamping force locks the mold during the injection process, the injection device enters the working condition to make the nozzle and the mold fit together.

The third step of the pressure holding process: after filling the mold cavity with the melt, the screw still maintains a certain pressure on the melt to prevent the melt in the mold from flowing back.

The fourth step is the cooling and pre-plasticizing process of the vertical injection molding machine. After sealing the gate, cancel the pressure holding process. The product is naturally cooled and shaped in the mold. Simultaneously, the injection molding machine drives the pre-plasticizing oil motor to rotate the screw. The granular plastic is transported forward for plasticization.

The fifth step is the ejection process of the injection device, mold opening, and ejection of plastic products. After the pre-plastic metering and anti-delay operation, to prevent the nozzle from forming cold material due to long-term contact with the hard mold, it is usually necessary to withdraw the nozzle from the mold.

How to repair the injection molding machine?

The vertical plastic injection moulding machine’s repair work is the judgment of the shortcomings and the treatment of the deficiencies. It touches a wide range of common sense, has a significant degree of disorder, and has a certain depth (such as generalizing the level of professional common sense). It is necessary to have basic knowledge of mechanical equipment repair, a basic understanding of hydraulic repair, and electrical repair. The repairing operation of the real injection molding machine is complex, but it is a process of continuous learning and advancement. You only need to grasp the injection molding machine’s basic operation principle and the primary operation method. The repair operation procedure comes to ensures the regular operation of the injection molding machine.

The repairer must understand and grasp the operation manual of the injection molding machine and be familiar with the mechanical parts of the device. Understand the operation process of mechanical, electrical, and oil circuits during regular operation of the vertical plastic injection moulding machine. Understand and grasp the inspection and repair methods of electrical components and hydraulic components. To understand the normal operation condition and abnormal operating conditions to avoid time-consuming misjudgment and is opening.

For repair work, it is necessary to understand the operation method of the equipment and have some basic knowledge of injection molding and use the injection molding machine correctly. If you do not know how to operate an injection molding machine, the inspection operation is complicated, and it may be unreliable to determine the shortcomings. Injection molding machine’s circuit boards and electrical components for a long time by high temperature, environment, time, and other factors, the device operating point offset, the degree of aging of features, are attributed to the normal range. Understanding the injection molding machine’s operating procedures and debugging the electronic and hydraulic circuits of the injection molding machine are imperative links.

Repair operations should be correct, reliable, and timely. It is necessary to study and grasp the contents of the operating instructions of various types of injection molding machines. And the tuning operation, in turn, such as mechanical action and clamping pressure shortage, can be to find the oil circuit and circuit, such as circuit output is standard, then adjust the oil circuit valve. If the oil circuit usually works, then change the electronic circuit board. Of course, the final unified regulation, but the three links depend on each other and control each other. The correct use of instruments and meters, adjustment of detection circuits, an inspection of oil circuits, and adjustment of the position and movement of mechanical parts are essential methods for judging shortcomings.

Generally, vertical injection molding machine manufacturers only provide the electrical block diagram of the equipment, the block diagram of the oil circuit, and the central part of the machinery, which is not suitable for repairing operations. It is necessary to pay attention to collecting and sorting out relevant information in all aspects of daily protection operations, such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuits, solenoid valve body, etc.

For example, suppose there is an opportunity in the electrical aspect. In that case, it is necessary to survey and map the schematic diagram of the circuit, the electronic board, and the practical wiring diagram and measure the corresponding components of the wiring terminal to provide the correct judgment and analysis of the defect in the repair. The detection point is towards. Measure the detailed parameters of its detection point. When necessary, you must make your power supply, imitate the input and output signals, and perform emulating tests or adjustments to grasp and obtain manual repair data, such as the parameters of various operating points.

The same is valid for oil circuit repair. It is necessary to summarize the adjustment and repair according to the characteristics of the oil circuit and the oil pressure solenoid valve. Sometimes it is required to frequently disassemble, clean, inspect, and install the solenoid valve. These treatments will form a lot of trouble, but it is vital.

It is necessary to grasp and sort out the repair method and judgment procedure diagram of the defect of the system by the principle and logic in the repair operation. In combination with the daily repair operation practice, collect the relevant information of the injection molding machine. , Voltage test method, continuity test method, circuit board replacement method, and other methods. After repairing, it is necessary to adjust the operating point from the beginning, adjust from the beginning, and carry out a load experiment to make the equipment operate within the parameter range of the data listed in the operation manual.

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