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LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Machine

LSR liquid silicone has a wide range of uses. We contact many things in daily life, such as baby pacifiers, coasters, medical supplies, silicone mobile phone cases, etc. It is widely used as a coating and potting material for moisture-proof, consignment, and insulation of electronic components in the electronics industry. It protects electronic components and assemblies from dust, moisture, shock, and insulation.

LSR Machine Application

This LSR liquid silicone rubber machine is use for the liquid silicone injection molding in products, like: lighting, communications, medical, toys, baby products, daily necessities and other industries, and is widely used.

Typical products: Mobile phone waterproof fittings, watchband, electronic bracelet, baby supplies, diving mask, silicone sexy products, etc.



  • Multi-stage precision mold heating controller
  • LSR special hydraulic water-cooled closed nozzle
  • LSR special screw & barrel part
  • Thermal cold plate.
  • Insulating fiber board.
  • Rotary or double sliding table design(1pc top with 2 pcs bottom mold), higher efficiency.
  • Special feeding injection design, accurate feeding calculation Adjustable vacuum extractor is optional, can prevent the bubbles on the product.



  1. Excellent insulation performance, suitable for high quality or high-tech electronic plugs.
  2. LSR material is suitable for high or low temperature environment, above 200℃ or below -40℃, the material insulation Mechanical properties and physical properties remain unchanged.
  3. Anti-cavitation and anti-aging, suitable for outdoor use.
  4. Sterilizable, suitable for medical supplies and baby products.
  5. The ejector pin can be used with different sliding plates and the stroke can be adjusted freely. The remolding force, ejector in / out speed and remolding times can also be pre-set as required.


Equipment features

  1. Professional computer, high precision, easy to operate.
  2. The main system uses servo energy-saving design, higher accuracy, faster response; energy saving 50%~70% than normal machine model.
  3. Vertical clamping, horizontal work table, easy to insert parts molding.
  4. Double sliding table, take product and insert parts more safe and flexible outside the lock mold area.



Raw Material 200Kg / 20Kg bucket type A.B two-component liquid silicone material, material viscosity 400-1200 Pa.s.
Volume Ratio % 1:1 (tolerance< 2%)
Flow Rate Can be adjusted from 0.1L ~2L / per minute.
Power 380 V—4 Kw (can make 210 V ~ 550V  base on different country)
Compressor > 0.6 Mp


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