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Guide to Two-color Vertical Injection Molding Machine?

The Min-Hui double colour vertical injection molding machine refers to a molding technique in which two different color plastic are injected into the same mold. It can make 2 pieces appears in plastic parts.

Different colors and can make the plastic parts have irregular or regular pattern could-like colors to better the aesthetics and practicality of the plastic parts.

It is linked with the nozzle, and a closing and opening valve is also installed in the nozzle passage. After the molding is finished, the melt is plasticized in the cylinder, and the melt order entering the nozzle and the proportion of the discharge material are managed by the closing and opening valve, and then nozzle is used. You can get a range of plastic items with different color mixing effects.

Features of Double Colour Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Two-color injection molding parameter setting

Double colour injection molding technology uses 2 different materials for the production of plastic items, so materials must be rightly considered before injection molding. Not only must the material standard be considered, but also the pressure, temperature, and related parameters in the molding process must be controlled. Since the 2 color injection molding process is different from the common injection molding process, the material used in the 2 color injection molding process needs a higher melting temperature parameter to make sure that material does not solidify before the filling is done. Please make sure that you use the injection device to control the force of the material so that it reaches the mold each area achieves the aim of injection molding.

Two-color Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Configuration

The same injection molding machine needs to be furnished with 2 sets of matching plasticizer injection devices, not just for process requirements, but also for the objective of modification. Except for the structure, the specifications of the 2 injection devices need to have the same features. In the injection molding process, the injection pressure, material temperature, and injection speed of the 2 sets are equipment need to be adjusted continually to make sure that the performance of the end molded part is at the same level, and then related integration and fusion work is carried out. If there is an inconsistency between the 2 injection devices, please pay focus to the alignment parameters.

Structure difference

Due to the uniqueness of Min-Hui two-color injection molding parts, there are some clear differences in the machine mechanism setting matched with ordinary injection molding machines. First, the 2 color injection molding part uses a higher melt temperature, which needs high temperature to maintain the flow capability, secondly, it needs a bigger injection pressure, not just because of the use of 2 different plastic materials, it needs a bigger injection pressure, not just because of the use of two different plastic materials, but also the pressing needs a powerful fusion pressure. It is designed to overcome the big resistance of the melt flowing via the mold and make sure perfect filling.

Advantages of Two-color Vertical Injection Moulding Machine

Two color injection molding can integrate many features into one plastic part, such as ergonomic design, soft-sensitive surfaces, brand identity, two-color look, feature improvement, shock absorption, noise reduction, impact protection, and water resistance, saving design space and decreasing the number of components, etc.

  • High standard plastic part fabrication
  • Increase product design flexibility
  • High efficiency of multi-material
  • Higher standard plastic part fabrication
  • Decrease waste and cost linked with assembly defects
  • Reduced handling and no secondary assembly
  • High values included and have more advantage for products
  • Different plastic are integrated with chemical links
  • Manufacturing trends in the future, the earlier the excellent

Technical Requirements for Two-color Injection Molding Machine

  • The 2 shapes of the female mold must be different, making a product separately, while the 2 shapes of the male mold must be actually the same.
  • After the center of the mold is rotated 180 degrees, the mold must be steady.
  • The water of the 3 plate mold can be designed with mechanical demoulding.
  • The full thickness of the front panel plus A board should not be less than 170mm. The highest thickness of the mold, the lowest thickness of the mold and the distance of the Ko hole should be rightly studied.
  • When the designing the master mold for 2 shot injection, in order to reject the second master mold from scratching the glue area of the first mold item, a part of it can be designed to reject voids. Anyway, it is necessary to rightly consider the strength of each sealing part.
  • Injection molding, the item size of the first injection molding can be pretty bigger, so that it can be tighter with others in the second molding to meet the sealing effect.
  • Pay focus to the second injection, the plastic flow will impact the primary molded item and deform the glue.
  • Before closing the mold B board or A board, pay focus to whether the front mold slider or inclined top will reset and crush the item first.
  • The water distribution of the 2 female molds and male mold should be used as much as easy and balanced.
  • In 99 percent of cases, the hard rubber part of the product is injected first, and then soft rubber part of the injection item, because the soft rubber is simply deformed.


Process and machine for multi-color injection molding of plastic items having 3 dimensional look of discontinuous or continuous multi-color patterns according to a present program via injection of various types or colors of resin into a cavity, the resin being injected from at least 3 injection units, combined into and blended combine in a molten resin mixing manifold. The two color injection molding machine has more than 3 injection units established around the molten resin mixing manifold. The manifold internally grips an arranging chamber, which received a resin from each injection unit and makes a compounded or layered resin flow. For the objective of presenting intricate multi-color pattern according to present program, the arranging chamber is strongly mounted in the molten in the resin molten mixing manifold.

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