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Why is the Pressure of the Injection Molding Machine Unstable?

In the operation of vertical injection molding machines, there are often such situations: the first few injections are full, and after doing a few injections, molding products are not satisfied. Then adjust the machine, play a few empty molds and good, and continue doing the same problem. To add some injection pressure, do a little to reduce the pressure. What is the reason? How to adjust the machine pressure can make the machine stable? Is it related to the instability of the machine?

The following reasons can determine this problem:

First, the injection nozzle overflow or leakage is why the front of the injection nozzle is blocked. The mold is playing empty products. The next mold is good again because the last overflow glue may be due to time problems melting; the previous time did not complete. Likely, the amount of material in the next mold is more; it is easy to appear too much pressure.

At the same time, there will often appear. At the same time, there is often the phenomenon that there is no glue overflow after adding pressure, but the pressure is too large.

Treatment methods:

1. Increase the injection nozzle and the temperature of the rubber channel.

2. Injection position and pressure adjustment, short-range with high pressure.

3. Holding pressure is too large or too long. Injection time is too long, etc.

4. To increase the loose back, if the loose back is enough, you have to check the rubber channel, and the injection nozzle joint is also reasonable. Usually, we have a pad of paper leather processing

Second, there is a foreign body in your screw, from time to time, may block the injection nozzle.

Third, there is a point to consider other pressure and flow instability.

The above is the main reason for the unstable pressure of the injection molding machine, and we hope it will help you.

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