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What’s the characteristics of Bakelite vertical injection molding machine

The handle of daily life is made by injection molding with a bakelite vertical injection molding machine. Here are its features:

1. The hot-cured material barrel of the bakelite vertical injection molding machine is heated by an oil temperature machine and is suitable for processing various thermosetting plastics (electric wood materials).

2. This machine is equipped with a single mold skateboard, with the lower mold doing the inlay work on the outside to improve operational safety and efficiency (the finished product is ejected outside, and the lower mold has an independent ejector pin) vertical clamping, vertical injection, suitable for insert molding.

3. Fast mold closing, low-pressure safety lock, automatic mold opening in case of abnormality, unique safety design.

4. Low-pressure safety protection function: uniquely designed zero-pressure slow mold closing technology to protect personal safety. If there is an obstruction between the upper and lower molds, the mold will not be forcefully locked, and it will automatically open to protect against obstacles.

5. Automatic fault display, easy adjustment and detection.

6. The electrical control and hydraulic system use imported parts, which are quiet, precise, fast, and durable.

7. Multi-stage temperature control, multi-stage injection pressure, injection speed, and back pressure can be infinitely adjusted, suitable for precision plastic part molding.

8. Equipped with a hydraulic ejector for finished products.

9. The injection seat can be automatically raised and lowered, and has an automatic material clearing device, which is convenient for mold and raw material replacement.

10. The bakelite vertical injection molding machine can be used for the production of various thermosetting (electric wood) products: rubber wood, tableware, handwheels, handles, handleballs, bottle openers, handle covers, pulls, electric wood handles, cutting tools, pulls, rubber wood, pot handles, pot ears, knife handles, electric wood knobs, switches, oven accessories, wiring terminals, terminals, meter accessories, meter cases, and other electric wood products.

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