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What is the molding process of vertical injection molding machine?

A vertical injection molding machine or multi-color vertical injection molding machine is a model of the vertical injection molding machine. Its main use lies in injection molding to plastic products that need multi-color injection molding, such as common toothbrush handles, cell phone cases, toy accessories, etc.

1. Turntable

After the second molding opens the mold, it rotates 180 degrees. The molded parts are aligned with the mold cavity used for the second molding. After closing the mold, the second injection molding is performed. In this process, all injection units can run simultaneously. The turntable type is commonly used to produce injection molded products with rubber-coated surfaces.

2. Torsional core rotation

The mold is designed with a rotation center axis, which can be rotated by rack and pinion or driven by a hydraulic motor. After the secondary molding is opened, the mold core connected with the central rotating shaft is pushed out through the ejector system of the injection molding machine. 

After rotating 180, it is aligned with the cavity of the second injection molding, and the mold is closed for the second molding. During this process, all injection units can run simultaneously. Core support rotation is a good injection molding option for fully encapsulated plastic products.

3. Core extraction process

After the product cools to a certain hardness in the secondary molding, the mold partially extracts the core and sinks, forming a second cavity in the same state as the core, and then carries out the secondary injection molding. The core extraction process of the rotary core upright injection molding machine is only applicable to conventional secondary injection molding.

4. Robotic, automatic removal of embedding

Monochrome injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine as an example. After the mold is opened for the second molding, it is automatically taken out by the robot and moved to the mold position for the second injection. The second color product is taken out first, then the color product is accurately embedded, and then the second injection molding is carried out. 

In this process, all the injection units can run synchronously. The robot automatically takes out the embedding, which is very popular in domestic and international markets. It can achieve multiple injections of N colors or N kinds of materials and set single colors, two colors, three colors, and nine colors arbitrarily, with good flexibility. Robotic, automatic removal of embedding, easy operation, labor saving, high efficiency. This is the selected process for vertical and horizontal multi-color injection molding.

5. Mold core sliding

After the mold opening of secondary molding, the mold core slides to the other side under the push of the hydraulic system for secondary injection molding.

6. Simultaneous direct injection molding

After closing the mold, two colors or two materials are injected into the mold cavity simultaneously. This process may produce uneven welding lines of two colors or materials. This process only applies to injection molded products with low requirements for appearance.

7. Rotational mold stacking

The rotational mold stacking technique uses a horizontal turntable at the bottom of the injection molding machine. After the secondary molding is opened, the mold is rotated horizontally by 90 or 180 under the drive of the horizontal turntable. After the mold is closed, the second injection molding is performed on the parting surface of another mold. 

This is the combination of multi-color and multi-material molds. Since the projection area of the two molding molds overlaps, productivity can be greatly improved when the size of the machine closing mold is sufficient.

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