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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Injection Molding Machine?

What are the main advantages?

Vertical injection moulding machine has the following main advantages compared to other injection molding machines:

High production efficiency: Vertical injection molding machines can realize automatic and high production efficiency.

High applicability: Vertical injection machines can produce various shapes and sizes of plastic products, which is highly applicable.

High molding precision: Plastic injection molding machines can control molding precision and produce high-quality plastic products.

Low energy consumption: Plastic vertical injection moulding equipment adopts energy-saving technology, low energy consumption and low production cost.

Easy maintenance: Injection moulding machines are easy to maintain and clean, reducing production and maintenance costs.

What are the disadvantages?

Vertical plastic injection molding machine also has some disadvantages, including:

High mold cost: The mold cost of the vertical injection molding machine is relatively high, and the mold needs to be replaced regularly.

Long production cycle: Vertical injection molding machines require a long production cycle because the molds need to be heated and cooled.

High molding pressure: The molding pressure of vertical injection molding equipment is relatively high, which may produce defects such as dents for some complex plastic products.

Material waste: The plastic products molded by injection molding machines must be trimmed or reprocessed, and other processing wastes certain raw materials.

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