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Some Operating Matters of Vertical Single Sliding Injection Molding Machine

How to operate the monitoring mode of single sliding injection molding machines

Monitoring mode: when the production data of the single sliding injection molding machine exceeds the upper and lower limits, the processing actions to be taken include: no monitoring: the production data will not be monitored.

Alarm single sliding injection molding machine: Display the alarm message, but do not stop the automatic production. Stop Automatic: Completes the current cycle, displays an alarm message, and stops automatic production. Scrap Hold: completes the current cycle, but does not perform ejector and blowing actions, leaving the product in the mold, then displays an alarm message and stops automatic production

Push button starts/stop: Single slide injection molding machine starts or stops SPC monitoring. Resample: Clear the current sampling data and reacquire the sampling data in subsequent production cycles.

IO monitoring: The single slide injection molding machine can view the connection of IO devices, the input and output status of IO points, and also force the input and output signals of IO points through the IO monitoring page. In the main screen, press F8 to change pages → F4 Settings → F2 IO monitoring to open the IO monitoring page.

PDP production data page

The PDP production data page is a table to record key data information in the production process, such as cycle time, holding pressure switching position, etc., for a vertical single sliding injection molding machine.

The parameters displayed in each column of the PDP table are configured in the KVB.cfg file of the CF card. The vertical single-slide injection molding machine can record more than ten process parameters displayed on two pages, PDP1 and PDP2. Scroll through the tables vertically by using the panel direction buttons.

Table Min: displays the minimum value of all statistics in the column. Maximum: Displays the maximum value of all statistics in the column. Deviation of vertical single-sliding injection molding machine: the deviation between the minimum and maximum values. Average: The average of all statistics in the column.

Button setting: Open the setting page of the statistical function. Hold/Run: Start or pause the statistics function. Vertical single-slide injection molding machine PC Print: The data of PDP statistics will be saved to the controller or USB device in CSV format. SPC: Open the SPC page.

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