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What are the 4 major misunderstandings when purchasing a two-color vertical injection molding machine?

Compared with ordinary injection molding machines, the price of two-color vertical injection molding machines is relatively expensive. Most companies will weigh it carefully when purchasing and shop around for comparison. However, there are still mistakes that may be made accidentally. Now Minhui has summarized the four common Big misunderstandings for reference by friends in need.

Misunderstanding 1: Distinguish the quality of the machine based on the order price

There is a saying in China that “the price is low, but the quality is definitely not very good” and “cheap goods are not good.” Although it is said that you get what you pay for, everything about rapid injection molding machines is not guaranteed and cannot be. I simply think that the quality of a two-color vertical injection molding machine with a high price will definitely be good. Since there are many factors in the price of a molding machine, it is self-important to judge the quality based on the price. Whether an injection molding machine is good or not can be obtained by understanding the manufacturer’s customer base evaluation, the injection molding machine manufacturer’s overall production strength, debugging status, after-sales service, material processing technology and other aspects.

Misunderstanding 2: Well-known brands of machinery and equipment require less maintenance, and it will be fine

The service life of the machine equipment, production efficiency, and mid- and later-stage maintenance are closely related. Although the quality of the equipment itself is important, maintenance has nothing to do with the brand size. Treat the injection molding machine model correctly.

Misunderstanding 3: Too much faith in information networks

Scale cannot be faked, and production strength cannot be faked, but facts speak louder than words. Before purchasing machinery and equipment, you can visit industrial plants for inspection. Conduct investigations on product quality, production and processing technology, technical strength, and production quality indicators. You can also ask the two-color vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to take you to visit the customer’s production site of the purchased machine.

Misunderstanding 4: Blindly pursuing cheap prices

Project investment in two-color vertical injection molding machines requires a longer-term perspective. Cost-effective two-color injection molding machines can produce higher production profits. A manufacturer can only operate for a long time if it produces injection molding machines of good enough quality. Only when customers purchase injection molding machines with high-cost performance can they obtain higher profits. “Good products are not cost-effective, and cost-effective products are not good products.” This principle.

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