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Two Color Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Two color plastic injection molding machines have been widely used in our lives, such as electronic products, toys, medical products, etc.

Two Color Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Two Color Injection Molding Machine Description

Two Color Injection Schematic

MH two-color-schematic

Rotary Table Injection Sample Display

The two-color plastic injection molding machine has two rear and two front molds (the structure of the two front molds is the same). Two rear molds are installed parallel to the back mold installation part of the injection molding machine. Two front molds are installed in the front mold installation part. The double color injection molding machine has two injection nozzles (two barrels), two dryers, and two kinds of injection materials.

A two-color plastic injection machine is a kind of machine that can produce plastic products with different materials and different colors.
Two-color injection molding machine through the injection device and technology to inject two different materials into the same set of mold injection finished products.

Two-color plastic injection machine is the same two-color main color machine injection of two plastic materials, then two moldings, but the development of plastic mold production once. This operation is usually done by only one set of molds and requires a particular two-color injection molding machine. With the cooperation of two-color molds, the Chinese two-color injection molding machine produces plastic products with two colors or materials, improving the finished products’ experience and beauty.

The requirements of a double colour injection molding machine are relatively complex for the mold, and its structure and characteristics are different from those of single-color molds.

According to the structure, two-color can be divided into the core rotation, core retraction, and slide rotation. At present, core rotation is widely used in the market. Core rotation split type is an injection molding machine used on two splits by alternate cycles to achieve two-color product injection molding. Another form of core rotation is the conjoined type, i.e., injection molding of two-color products in a pair of molds.

To avoid the mother mold from rubbing the colloid of the first molding product during the second injection, it can be appropriately designed partially to avoid hollow and master the sealing strength to prevent the deformation of the product under significant impact.

At present, double colour injection moulding machines have been widely used in our lives, such as electronic products, toys, medical products, etc. Therefore, two-color molds are also developing gradually. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, multicolor injection molding machines have appeared and are overgrown. Two-color molds and multicolor molds will be widely used in our daily lives.