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Four major details to be grasped in the injection molding process of fiber reinforced PC

To strengthen the strength of plastic products, vertical injection moulding machines in the injection moulding production process will often add fibre in the PC raw materials, fibre PC plastic materials. In the injection moulding modification process, you have to pay attention to the details of the process. Otherwise, the final product will not be made out of the consequences of the standard.

So fibre PC injection moulding process production process, what are the details to grasp it?

Preparation before injection moulding: Although PC raw materials have excellent mechanical properties, known as “bulletproof rubber”, at the same time, the transparency is very high, known as “transparent metal”, but it has a severe defect, that is, poor liquidity, injection moulding is complex, so The preparation of PC raw materials before injection moulding is very critical and directly affects the success or failure.

Drying of raw materials: Because of the defects of PC plastic raw materials in water absorption, water absorption will affect the size and stability of the product, so before processing must be dry treatment to grasp the temperature and time of preheating treatment and to ensure that the injection moulding environment is dry and not wet, so as not to affect the process.

The choice of vertical injection moulding machine: for the requirements are mixed well, corrosion resistance, the conventional plasticizing screw is difficult to do, and PC plastic products due to the use of modified materials, such as electrical products shall increase the fire performance, add flame retardant (such as Jingo new material FA series flame retardant, FM series flame retardant, etc.), the requirements of the plasticizing system of the injection moulding machine are relatively high, the available plastic machine is difficult to achieve.

Grasp of temperature and gate: standard mould temperature is 80-100℃, and 100-130℃ with glass fibre. Small products can be used with a needle-shaped gate. The depth of the gate should be 70% of the thickest part. Other gates are ring-shaped and rectangular. The larger the gate, the better to reduce the defects caused by excessive plastic shearing. 

Grasp the above four details. A vertical injection moulding machine with fibre PC injection production is not a difficult task!

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