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Toy Industry

Safety standards in the toy industry continue to improve

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the strengthening of environmental protection concepts, toy consumers are urged to put forward higher requirements for the quality of toys from their health and safety considerations.

Toy importing countries have also formulated increasingly stringent safety and environmental protection standards to protect the health of their consumers and protect their toy industry.

The rapid development of high-tech toys

With the advent of the intelligent age, the structure of toy products has begun to tend to be electronic. At the opening ceremony of the New York International Toys Fair, Io, chairman of the American Toy Association, pointed out that the combination of traditional toys and electronic technology is an inevitable trend in the development of the toy industry.

At the same time, LED technology, augmented reality technology (AR), face recognition technology, communication, and other science and technology are becoming more mature. These technologies are cross-border fusion with toy products and will collide to produce different intelligent toys. Compared with traditional toys, the novel, entertaining and educational functions brought to children by smart toys are more prominent and will become the development direction of the global toy industry.

Min-Hui vertical injection molding machine is used in various toy industries. According to different product production requirements, Min-Hui has a variety of injection molding machines and solutions with different performance parameters, difficulty levels, specifications, and models. Provide customers with high-efficiency and low-cost customized injection molding machinery.


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