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Maternal and Child Supplies Industry

The maternal and infant products industry is a large industry group including the clothing, food, housing, transportation, use, education, and entertainment of pregnant women and children aged 0-3. Generally speaking, the product range of the maternal and infant industry includes six categories (food, wearables, maintenance products, bed and living products, travel products, play, and education products, etc.) dozens of series and hundreds of categories.

The industrial chain of maternal and infant products is as follows: raw materials-production-channels-sales. Here only take the nursing products market and the daily necessities market as examples.

Raw materials: The raw materials used have high safety and quality requirements, so most companies directly import raw materials from abroad and use this as a significant selling point.

Production: The relatively small market capacity has caused some large comprehensive companies to not pay enough attention to or invest in these market segments. Therefore, the entire industry lacks solid brands, and the industry standards are unclear, leading to disordered internal competition. The products on the market show the characteristics of homogeneity.


Channels: The products of upstream manufacturers are homogeneous, so channel providers should have an advantage in bargaining power. However, due to channels’ small-scale and chaotic situation, manufacturers are relatively free to choose channels. Therefore, the pattern of the upstream and downstream parties is balanced, and the future direction depends on which party can take the lead in forming a solid brand.

Min-Hui vertical injection molding machine is used in various maternal and child products industries. According to different product production requirements, Min-Hui has a variety of injection molding machines and solutions with different performance parameters, difficulty levels, specifications, and models. Provide customers with high-efficiency and low-cost customized injection molding machinery.

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