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Hardware Industry

Hardware tools, including various hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, measuring tools, abrasives, cutting tools, tool machinery, tool accessories, etc., have played a positive role in promoting the pace of urbanization.

The sales model of the hardware industry is mainly in the form of more traditional offline business, but the demand for hardware products in the entire market is enormous. The too single channel will cause us to lose a lot of orders. Enterprises need to rely on Internet technology to build a set of Omni-channel sales management solutions.

At present, competition in the hardware manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly urgent, and the development of the industry is increasingly showing the characteristics of standardization, serialization, intelligence, flexibility, and precision. Enterprises have transformed to resist the market development speed, increase production flexibility, and strengthen cost control to calmly deal with a more intense competitive environment and improve their competitiveness.

Min-Hui vertical injection molding machines are used in various hardware industries. According to different product production requirements, Min-Hui has a variety of injection molding machines and solutions with different performance parameters, difficulty levels, specifications, and models. Provide customers with high-efficiency and low-cost customized injection molding machinery.

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