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How to choose and maintain injection molding machine?

How to buy an injection molding machine?

The primary factors for selecting the type, specification, and brand of injection molding machine include mold, product, plastic, molding requirements, etc.

  1. The scale (width, height, thickness), weight, special design, etc., of the mold required for plastic products.
  2. The type and quantity of plastic products (single raw material or multiple plastics).
  3. The appearance scale (length, width, height, thickness), weight, etc., of the injection molded products.
  4. The molding requirements of plastic products, such as quality conditions, production speed, etc.

Injection molding machine protection and maintenance

1. Daily inspection

Every day to check and adjust the safety equipment must ensure that the safety equipment is normal before using the operating machine.

  • Check the amount of oil in the smooth oil tank. It must be increased with the trademark of the new oil.
  • Check the oil level on the hydraulic oil tank. If the oil level drops below the middle line of the level meter, increase the hydraulic oil to above the middle line and must increase the new oil with the same trademark. After the first 1000 hours of operation, replace or clean the oil suction filter and hydraulic oil and clean the oil tank. After 5000 hours of operation or at least one year, the air filter and hydraulic oil should be replaced or cleaned, and the old and new ones should not be mixed. When the operation of 20,000 hours or at most 5 years.
  • Check and replace the seals and wear rings of the hydraulic cylinder and replace the high-pressure hose. Every 3 years, replace the battery of the controller (main unit). Every 5 years, replace the battery on the operation panel.

2. Pay attention to the smoothness

During the operation of the injection molding machine, it is necessary to regularly investigate whether the smooth points of the injection molding machine are in normal operating condition. Pay attention to the time of each smooth must be satisfied to ensure that each smooth point’s entire smooth system gets outstanding. The machine’s smooth mode number (interval time) and the time of each smoothness are realized by the reasonable setting of computer parameters. Regularly investigate the operating conditions of the smooth system to maintain the oil tank at a reasonable oil level.

3. Check the air filter

The tank air filter’s role is breathing and preventing outside dust and other dirt into the tank, so it is a very important part of the need for regular protection. Air filter installed in the top of the tank, to clean first loosen the cover, replace the air filter element, and then tighten the cover from the beginning.

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