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What Should I Have if I Want to Operate a Small Injection Molding Plant?

First you have to consider what kind of injection molding factory you are going to build, whether it is a foundry or producing your own products. If it is a foundry, where will your business come from? Will the mold be provided by the customer or will you open it yourself, and will the material be provided by the customer or will you buy it yourself?

If you are making your own products, you need to pay for your own molds and materials. The investment required for the two models is very different.

No matter which of the two models mentioned above, you have to consider the following issues.

  • Business

Without business everything is in vain, set a good business and then look at the following.

  • Plant

Injection molding plant size according to the number of equipment size to determine, of course, must consider the raw materials mold and auxiliary equipment to visit the location, such as finished products storage area, semi-finished products storage area, assembly area. Plant cranes or lifting mold frame is essential, water tower pool and water, electricity and gas costs must also be included.

  • Equipment

Mainly injection molding machines, dryers, suction machines, robots, mold temperature machines, crushers, etc.

  • Labor

Technicians, operators, the number of business and equipment to determine.

  • Mold

Customers provide or pay to open.

  • Material

Materials are provided by customers or purchased by ourselves, the quantity is determined according to the business volume.

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