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Fault Management and Prevention of Vertical Injection Molding Machine

To do an excellent job of injection molding machine fault management and prevention, understand the cause of the generation of injection molding machine faults, accumulate materials and data information of frequent defects and typical faults, conduct fault analysis, attach great importance to the scientific research of fault regularity and spot principles, and enhance daily maintenance and regular inspection and pre-repair. Fault management is carried out in the following eight levels of procedural processes.

1. Close integration with the specific injection molding production and injection molding machine condition characteristics, the in-use injection molding machine is divided into three categories A, B, C to confirm the focus of fault management.

2. Failure analysis is carried out to learn and train the injection molding machine maintenance workers to understand the failure analysis method.

3. Fault record is the primary material for realizing the fault management of injection molding machines and the most original basis for fault analysis and solution. The record is detailed and appropriate. After the detection and fault repair, injection molding machine maintenance workers in the field should be filled out with care by the “injection molding machine fault repair sheet” content. According to the monthly data analysis and declaration of injection molding machine management, the workshop mechanics are in charge.

4. In addition to the daily understanding of the fault condition, the workshop maintenance worker should regularly gather the “fault repair order” and maintenance records. According to the statistical analysis, sorting, and analysis of the fault information, we can calculate the fault frequency of various injection molding machines, the mean fault observation period, analyze the fault dynamics of each injection molding machine and the critical fault causes, find the regularity of the fault, to facilitate the adoption of preventive measures by highlighting the theme, and feedback the fault information sorting and analysis materials to the planning unit, to promote the arrangement of preventative maintenance or improvement countermeasure plans, and also to make changes. It can also change the observation period of regular maintenance, inspection information, and specifications. According to the statistical analysis combing materials, can draw statistical analysis chart analysis, such as single injection molding machine fault dynamic statistical analysis table is an effective way for the maintenance team to visual management of the fault as well as it, not only to facilitate the management staff and maintenance workers to timely understand the status of various types of injection molding machine generating faults but also to have a clear target in the straightforward maintenance of preventive measures.

5. the use of monitoring instruments, the critical parts of the essential injection molding machine to carry out planned testing, and its timely detection of signs of failure and deterioration of information. Available injection molding machine also needs to be based on human perception and general test tools for routine maintenance, inspection, regular maintenance (including precision checks), intactness checks, etc., mainly to understand the location of the prone to failure, organization, and parts of the process condition and abnormal information. At the same time to develop inspection specifications, precise injection molding machine all normal, irregular, fault boundary.

6. To do a good job of publicity and education, the operation and maintenance workers take the initiative to record and analyze injection molding machine failure carefully and put forward opinions and suggestions.

7. According to the daily inspection of the injection molding machine, maintenance workers and injection molding machine situation check, the situation information, and fault omens obtained. Its related records, analysis materials, by the workshop injection molding machine maintenance staff or maintenance team leader for various types of injection molding machine problems, timely arrangement of daily maintenance, make full use of production and manufacturing gap time or holiday days, to ensure prevention in advance, to regulate and reduce fault generation. For some failure omens, safety hazards, daily maintenance lack of power responsible, then feedback to the planning unit to arrange planned maintenance.

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