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Benefits Of Using Liquid Vertical Silicone Machine To Produce Cell Phone SIM Card Tray

With ordinary high-speed machine can also produce cell phone SIM card tray, but the production of waterproof is not as good as the effect of liquid vertical silicone machine, such as cell phone SIM card, once you open the card slot, bits and pieces of parts in the fingertips, a little inattention will be easy to fall, perhaps many people have not noticed the cell phone card slot also has a world, which is indispensable to the waterproof sealing ring, is a production is not easy to produce a unique part. Cell phone card slot IP68 waterproof sealing ring.

The cell phone slot produced by liquid vertical silicone machine has the following benefits:


Cell phone slot waterproof sealing ring has a small, delicate, high quality requirements, general silicone sealing ring in the molding away from the mold, often produces very unstable contraction, but the cell phone slot waterproof sealing ring on the mold requirements are very high, precision shall be 0.01mm. under the high requirements, our company’s through the production process control, with precision molds, after repeated rigorous trial production, the production of the size of the conformity, Good quality and stable performance products.

2.Good performance

The waterproof silicone sealing ring for cell phone slot is different from other products, the production process is injection molding using liquid vertical silicone machine, the mold structure is injection structure, injection molding method for mass, repeatable, stable production. Special products have special production methods. Liquid silicone has good resistance to high and low temperatures, abrasion and ozone, and good deformation recovery, which meets the requirements for making waterproof seals for cell phone slots.

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