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What You Need to Know About MIN-HUI Injection Molding Machine?

In the vertical injection molding machine market, there are many injection molding machine sizes, 15 ton injection molding machines, 20 ton plastic injection molding machine, etc. MINHUI has the 15 ton – 500 ton vertical plastic injection molding machines.

Do you know what types of injection molding machines are?

There are bakelite thermoset injection molding machines, rotary table injection machines, standard plastic injection molding machine, sliding table vertical injection machines, LSR machines, two color or multi color injection machine, C-type plastic vertical injection molding machine, BMC vertical injection machine, etc.

Do you know what industries the injection molding machine can be used in?

Injection molding machines have a wide range of applications in the Medical Device Industry, Auto Parts Industry, Hardware Industry, Maternal and Child Supplies Industry, Electronic Components Industry, Electrical Industry, Daily Necessities Industry, and Toy Industry.

Injection molding machines are used in the above industries, so every item in our life may be injected with an injection molding machine. Especially wire the amount of wire is enormous, so the wire injection molding machine is very popular.

Many people are considering the principle of proximity, hoping the injection molding machine for sale near me and the plastic injection molding machine repair near me. Such a supporting process can solve problems in time when encountering problems.

However, now that the market has been globalized, these problems are easy to solve. What we need are high-quality machines, and good-quality machines have fewer problems than after-sales.

Of course, high-quality after-sales service is also very important.

Then I will introduce you top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in the world:

1. ENGEL, established in 1945

2. MIN-HUI, established in 1997

3. Milacron, established in 1874

4. ARBURG, established in 1923

5. Haitian, established in 1966

6. Husky, established in 1953

7. JSW, established in 1907

8. NISSEI, established in 1947

9. FANUC, established in 1972

10. Shibaura, established in 1875

The above brands are made of vertical and horizontal injection molding machines, but MIN-HUI only makes vertical injection molding machines. Please allow me to introduce MIN-HUI’s vertical plastic injection molding machines here.

MIN-HUI is a vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in China and is a well-known brand in China.

MIN-HUI occupies more than 45% of the plastic vertical injection molding machine market in China – especially wire injection molding machines.

With the prevalence of silicone in recent years, MIN-HUI Machinery has also developed its silicone injection molding machine.

Therefore, MIN-HUI has the strength to develop machines by itself, so please feel free to cooperate with MIN-HUI Machinery on injection molding machine projects. We will not let you down.

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