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What will make the vertical injection molding machine nozzle overflow glue?

The master often encounters the vertical injection molding machine to make the product has a burr or lack of glue, and constantly adjust the machine to adjust a section of parameters and two parameters, the following from the master’s experience and the network to organize a few problems out for your reference.

1. The mold problem.

1) The mold chirp deformation, plastic in the case of high-speed pressure from the gap gushing out.

2) The flow of material pipe blockage, plastic particles can not be injected into the mold core caused by the overflow of rubber: a general mold shells popular channel, plastic in the case of high-speed spray out of the gap.

a) General blockage of the flow channel in the mold.

b) Hot runner mold temperature abnormalities in the main channel, blockage occurs.

2. Vertical injection molding machine equipment problems.

1) Injection molding machine injection cylinder oil seal damage, in the injection of rubber back phenomenon, the occurrence of rubber leakage.

2) The machine injection cylinder screw loosened, so that the injection seat deviation, resulting in overflow. Injection nozzle inner diameter and mold keezers hole has been different on a parallel line, injection nozzle surface and mold keezers surface did not touch thoroughly, there is a gap and overflow.

3) The injection nozzle is not paired with the mold nozzle, which will produce unsatisfactory mold release or overflowing glue.

4) After a long period of impact, deformation or breakage will cause overflow.

5) High speed and high pressure will loosen the nozzle, and the nozzle will touch the flange of the cylinder and cause the glue to overflow.

3. Process problems.

1) The back pressure of the machine is too large, and the plastic particles of the barrel are discharged from the nozzle.

2) Curing time is too long, curing work pressure. The rate is too high, after the central inlet cooling, curing will be plastic particles narrowed at the injection nozzle, to be molten when the injection back hydraulic cylinder did not pull the injection table, the injection table lose, plastic particles can be sprayed out, resulting in overflow glue.

4. Vertical injection molding machine molds installation problems.

1) When installing the mold, there is no accurate positioning circle, the injection nozzle and the mold nozzle are not suitable.

2) When installing the mold, the code iron is not stuck tightly to the mold shell, and in the production because of its long-term vibration, the mold moves down, the injection nozzle and the mold nozzle can not be squared and cause overflow.

3) When the mold is installed, the working pressure and rate of the injection table are too large, and the mold nozzle is squeezed and deformed.

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