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What is the market development potential of injection molding machines?

The largest demand market for injection molding machines in the automotive manufacturing industry demand market

The modern automobile manufacturing industry will take the reduction of body weight as the primary energy-saving measure. The United States has introduced the Average Fuel Economy Standard (CAFE) for cars. The car must reach 3.7L/100KM, and the body weight will be reduced by 8% in 2003. At present, the plastic consumption of each car in the United States is 90-100KG, which accounts for 13% of the car’s weight, and the plastic consumption of each car in Europe is 80-120KG, which accounts for 12% of the car’s weight.

Internationally, the amount of engineering plastics in automobiles has been regarded as one of the essential indicators to measure the level of a country’s automobile industry. The growth rate of automotive plastics is expected to be 10-20% in the future. At present, the amount of plastic used in domestic cars only accounts for 5-6% of the car’s weight. At present, China’s automobile manufacturing industry is rising year by year. It will continue to rise year by year in the future. Plastic products used in automobiles are mostly injection molded parts, such as front and rear bumpers, front and rear panels, instrument panels and accessories, steering wheels and accessories, heat dissipation grilles, multiple rows, and color combination lampshades.

The plastics used in automobiles are primarily engineering plastics, such as PP modified, PC, POM, PPC, PBT, PVC+PBT, PMMA, PPS, PPSG, PEEK, TPO, ERP, LC, etc. (the automotive market demand is more suitable for injection molding machine for automobile parts, such as a general injection molding machine with a fixed template with a clamping force of 3.5*10^6-1.6*10^7N and a tie rod spacing of 800mm*800mm-1800mm*1500mm, with a clamping force of 2*10^6-5 *10^6N, large two-platen with gas-assisted function: clamping force 2*10^6-5*10^6N, template stroke 300-1000mm, injection pressure 170-200MPA exhaust type injection molding machine: clamping Force 1.3*10^7-2.5*10^7N. Dissimilar material sandwich injection molding machine and two-color injection molding machine with injection pressure 170-180MPA.

The second-largest demand market is home appliances) environmental protection) energy-saving market

Color TVs, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, batteries, solar cells, solar grid panels, garbage sorting bins, outdoor tables and chairs, furniture, large plastic trays, turnover boxes, etc. This part of the product faces vast rural areas, environmental protection, energy-saving, and great potential for injection molding products. It is necessary to provide general injection molding machines, structural foaming injection molding machines, microcellular foaming injection molding machines, and multi-layer composite injection molding machines with excellent performance and price ratios. , Gas-assisted, water-assisted injection molding machine and clamping force 2*10^7-5*10^7N injection pressure 170-180MPA, two-stage injection molding machine with accumulator and accumulator, and structural foaming injection molding machine, and many more.

The third-largest demand market is the instrument, electronics, IT, medical, and intelligent toy industries.

This is a huge demand market dominated by small and micro injection molding machines. In this field, many injection molding machines have entered the family, mainly processing various functions of motors, electrical appliances, electronic components, connectors, transfer switches, multi-function electrical and electronic integrated products, universal cameras, camera instrumentation components, medical precision Components, and delicate ceramic components, etc. This market demand is mostly precision, two-color, mixed-color, and heterogeneous injection molding machines with a clamping force of 1.2*10^6-1.6*10^6N and an injection pressure of 200-220MPA. The clamping force is 8*10^5-4.5*10^6N, and the injection pressure is 220-240mpa ultra-precision injection machine.
The fourth-largest demand market is the infrastructure construction demand market.

China is building a well-off society in an all-around way, developing and revitalizing strategies. The enormous market potential of various injection-molded pipe fittings and accessories related to construction, irrigation, water-saving, telecommunications, cables, and pipelines. The average annual growth rate of pipes in my country is 20%. By 2025, plastic pipes will account for 50% of the entire pipeline, and urban medium and low-pressure pipes will reach 60%. If the annual demand for plastic pipes is calculated based on 50% of the plastic pipes, the annual demand is 80,000-100,000 tons. From this, the demand for the vast injection molding pipe fittings market can be inferred. At present, most injection molding machines can only produce injection molding of UPVC and PE below 250-300mm. Pipe fittings.

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