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Injection Pressing Machine

Injection Pressing Machine Application

  • Injection pressing machine is suitable for molding epoxy resin products. It used for motor and other industries.
  • Representative products: motor rotor.


Injection Pressing Machine Features

  1. PLC control, high precision, easy to operate.
  2. Fault computer self diagnosis, fault point at a glance.
  3. Adopt four columns locking mode to ensure that the clamping force is uniform and uniform, so that the product mold line is more beautiful.
  4. The design of single slide plate, it is convenient and safe to take and put the product.
  5. The servo energy saving design, with higher accuracy and faster response, and is more energy efficient than ordinary machine , energy saving hit50%~70%.


Product Molding Advantages

  1. Design of single sliding plate, take products and insert parts out of the locking zone, and operate safely and conveniently.
  2. Full closed package design, operation area protection design, operation safer and more comfortable.
  3. The ejection and the main system are independent of servo control respectively, and the forming is more stable.
  4. The robot can pick up the runner from top mold, so there is no need to manually clean up the waste.
  5. The rotor pre tightening function prevents rotor tungsten steel from deflection.
  6. The heating part is connected with the cooling water, and the equipment is more stable and durable.
  7. The function of water and gas detection and alarm is to prevent all kinds of water and gas from affecting the equipment and products.



Model unit MY-60T-S1



Screw Diameter mm 50
Theoretical Injection Volume cm³ 255
Injection Pressure Kgf / cm² 315
Injection Rate cm³ 235
Injection Speed mm / s 120




Clamping Force tf 60
Clamping Stroke mm 300
Min. Mold Thickness. mm 700
Max. Opening mm 1000
 Distance Between Tie Bars mm 670×430
Sliding table size mm 700×650
Ejector Distance mm 200
Ejector Force tf 4.6



System Pressure Kgf / cm² 140
Oil Tank Capacity L 140
Motor Power KW 5+11
Machine Dimensions L×W×H 3.1×1.1×4.1
Machine Weight tf 5.8


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