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What can be the problem with cooling water for injection molding production?

I believe that the injection molding industry, injection molding technician positions above, have encountered the production process of injection molding products, due to water reasons, the production of products due to deformation caused by the lousy batch situation: deformation, visual inspection is challenging to find, only when assembled with, only to find that the assembly can not be traced to the cause of the occurrence of product deformation alarming! But it is already late, the production of a bad batch, resulting in a lot of waste! The following summarizes the cooling water problems and preventive measures in injection molding production.

(Wrong cooling water for injection molding and deformation of bad scrap)

Due to cooling water circuit reasons, diffusion occurs in injection molding production, mainly the following.

  1. Cooling water circuit has forgotten to open.
  2. Wrong connection of inlet and outlet pipes of the cooling water circuit.
  3. Cooling water circuit blockage is not smooth.
  4. Cooling water and temperature control machine water circuit connected to the wrong.

For the above leading causes, there are the following improvement measures.

1. Implementation matters.

Include additional mold circulating water pressure, temperature display, and related alarm equipment.

The effect is confirmed: when the mold is circulating water pressure and temperature abnormalities, the relevant equipment immediately has an alarm alert and displays a red flashing light.

2. Implementation: Mark the font of inlet and outlet pipes with the white oil-based pen.

Effect confirmation: After marking, visually check whether the inlet and outlet pipes of the water circuit are plugged inconsistently.

3. Implementation matters: 

Periodically use the mold cleaning machine with medicine water to clean the mold cooling water circuit.

Effect confirmation: 

The mold cooling water eating point road dirt can be removed promptly to avoid hidden trouble in the cooling water circuit blockage.

4. Implementation matters:

Improve the management. The injection molding process table indicates the cooling water and mold temperature water connection, additional classes, and supervisor point check to confirm and post-management.

Effect confirmation:

  • Visualize and control at a glance.
  • Reduce the probability of inspection errors.

5. Implementation matters: 

Installation of the cooling water flow meter.

Effect confirmation: 

  • When working, the float inside glass will levitate up and float at different heights according to the size of the water pressure.
  • Visual control at a glance.


Injection molding production, although the cooling water circuit problems are relatively simple, a failure to pay attention to the water circuit does not work or connect the wrong pipe to produce bad did not correct promptly, will make a batch of bad, resulting in a significant waste: raw materials, labor, machine production, production time delay, the processing of defective products, etc., the recent work happened, summed up above some improvements, I hope to give some inspiration to peers to avoid similar situations!

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