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ISO Certified Standard Injection Moulding Machine with Safety Requirements

The success of a company or organization is often measured by its adherence to the highest quality standards. We are an Injection Moulding Manufacturer who maintains ISO 9001:2015 certified and adhere to the GB/T1 9001-2016 standards.

Min-Hui Global Standard Injection Moulding Machines offers the highest quality possible to ensure safe production of plastic parts. By providing a wide range of machines, we offer you the best solution by using only high-quality machines and ensuring seamless production.

With an ISO certified standard, of quality, we bring simplicity to your work. Our dedicated team of engineers, research and development team is constantly working on improving our machines. Thus, we bring the best performance for you. Make sure if you purchase a machine from us and it comes with an assurance that we stand behind with our guarantee.

ISO 9001:2015 Satndard for Injection Moulding Machine

● No negative impact on the environment and/or human health, results in an improved quality, environmental or safety performance.

● This standard defines requirements for Machine Power source.

● Requirements for Air Supply System.

● Requiremnts for Mechanical Parts of  the Moulding Machine.

● It also defines requirements for materials used in the machine.

GBT19001-2016 Standard for Injection Moulding Machine

● This standard defines criteria for injection moulding machines design, operation & maintenance.

● Provide requirements for the use of additives in plastic materials and processes.

● It provides a framework for Injection   Moulding Machine manufacturers, Users, suppliers and importers.


Proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and GBT19001-2016 Certified and Maintain the quality and Safety Standards

These ISO Standards for quality management indicate that all aspects of continuity, reliability and conformity to the defined standards. The service provider must ensure effective compliance with the standards, before commencement of their operations.

This section is about the importance of safety in the industry. The quality of a product is only as good as its safety. This must be protected at all costs. We successfully passed GBT19001-2016 Standard.

As an injection moulding machine manufacturer, we are always on high alert to ensure that their machines are safe. Therefore, our machines can perform their job without any problems.

We maintain-

1. We designed machines to withstand pressures and temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius.

2. Our Standard Injection Moulding Machine have special protection systems in place for the operators. It helps reduce the risk of injuries or damage to machines or equipment during use.

3. Moulded components are generally made with a rubber ‘cushion’, which is a fat-liquefied material. When the mould is pulled away from the rubber pad, the cushion expands to protect itself. This process happens in exactly one second and it doesn’t leave any marks on the components being produced.

4. The plastic used should be transparent or translucent, so that the finished product can be inspected from all sides.

Some other safety precautions are-

1. The manufacturing processes have to be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure and heat. Also, this should remain constant throughout their lifetime. A proper quality control system is one of the most important aspects of each process, especially when it comes to safety.

2. We maintain requirement for the production of moulds which will remain durable and safe over time.

3. These standards also require that an exact measurement of the pressure being applied to the components. We call them ‘safety’ parts, as they are designed to protect against accidents and situation. So, when a part falls off the substrate during use, we ensure to prevent damage by the pressure applied.

4. The tubing used in plastic injection moulding imaterial that is lightweight and strong. We make them from polymers such as ABS, PVC or Polyester.

Applications of Our Standard Injection Moulding Machine

The polymer industry is changing. Nylon and PC are being replaced by ABS and PET. The demand for thermoplastics, molded parts and other products will only increase as the economy continues to recover.

Cusomers are looking for more products that can be manufactured with low production costs and making it easier for companies to produce their products. But low costs don’t mean low quality machines. So, standard Injection Moulding Machine at an affordable cost is necessary for plastic manufacturers.

Various Types of Plastic Materials an be Used for Processing

Companies are looking at new materials and new ways to improve the quality of their products while offering a better value. The plastics market is similar to other markets, in that there is a constant need for innovation. But it also requires more than just being innovative. So, a moulding machine which can accept all types of plastic material is on demand. Our moulding machines can use almost any types of plastic material.

Widely Used for Instruments and Electronic Parts

The industry is evolving with the introduction of new technologies and products. One such example is the trend of manufacturing microphones and loudspeakers. The product range in this category includes speakers, microphones, headphones, USB devices, Bluetooth devices and more. Our moulding machines maintain proper standard while manufacturing these products.

Energy Efficient Moulding Technology

Another example is the trend of making our devices more energy efficient. All electronics now use electricity to power it. But this does not always have to be the case. In fact, we can make our devices more energy efficient by changing some of their components and by turning off other hardware when not in use.


Why ISO 9001:2015 Standard is Important for Injection Moulding Machine?

Injection moulding machine will be one of the most useful machines in the future. It has application in producing different kinds of products, such as plastic parts and automobile parts. Also, it allows companies to produce products at a much faster rate than before. However, there are some issues that need solution. One of them is the quality assurance process.

ISO 9001:2015 standard addresses all aspects of quality assurance and provides complete guidance on how an organization should conduct it. It also includes procedures for auditing and reporting on results. This standard also covers all aspects related to product development and manufacturing processe. Moreover, ISO 9001:2015 standard provided requirements for design validation and validation testing, product life cycle management (PLCM), product lifecycle management (PLM).

The main issues that the ISO 9001:2015 standard addresses are:

1. Evaluation of the product: This is the most important part. The evaluation should consider in terms of quality, price, service etc. A third party should evaluate for machine quality and not just by the manufacturer or distributor.

2. Safety: The safety aspects like fire and explosion are also important to evaluate the product according to the ISO standards. Safety aspects like health & hygiene, ergonomics etc. is necessary.

3. Reliability: This is another important aspect when you consider that a machine can fail during manufacturing ifyou can’t handle it properly. This implies that the product must be able to withstand its full lifetime and not show any defects or errors at any time in the manufacturing process.

4. Maintenance: The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure that a machine remains operational during the entire life cycle. Also, we care that machine does not fail due to wear or damage which may occur due to normal usage, accidents, or maintenance.

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