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From the perspective of industry structure, the global home appliance industry mainly presents the following characteristics:

First, the home appliance industry is a highly competitive industry, and home appliance manufacturers generally pursue economies of scale and strive to reduce production costs by expanding scale.

Secondly, the home appliance industry is a high capital. Due to the high investment, the number of new entrants in the white home appliance industry has decreased.

Thirdly, with the acceleration of the global economic integration process, the competition in the home appliance industry has gradually broken the boundaries between countries. With the strategic deployment of production and the market, the competition among home appliance companies has evolved from competition between domestic companies to competition between multinational groups.

Finally, the pace of asset restructuring in the home appliance industry is accelerating internationally.

From the perspective of the production and sales structure, the characteristics of the global home appliance industry have also undergone significant changes, mainly in:

  • The home appliance industry has developed from insufficient production capacity in the past to overproduction.
  • The product has developed from the improvement of quantity to the improvement of quality.
  • The company has developed from a single brand in the past to multiple brands and sub-brands.
  • From completely self-produced to other enterprises to produce on their behalf.
  • From technical cooperation between enterprises to strategic alliances.
  • From the original production-oriented development to marketing-oriented.

From the perspective of the industry’s business environment, the characteristics of the home appliance industry have also undergone tremendous changes.

  • The industrial economy has gradually developed from labor-intensive to technology-intensive and capital-intensive.
  • The consumer demand has developed from the original survival demand and the own demand to the quantitative demand and qualitative demand.
  • The consumption pattern has developed from the original single-line type and blind obedience type to the current combined and objective types.
  • Consumers’psychology is becoming more mature, from perceptual consumption to rational consumption.
  • Consumers’favorite products are no longer the bigger, the better, but the pursuit of lightness and individuality

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