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How to set the parameters of the injection molding machine

The vertical rotary injection molding machine can be set up with production-related parameters and equipment.

General settings: 

Group heating of the vertical sliding plate injection molding machine: Activate the group heating function. Each heating section is controlled within the set temperature deviation.

Heating optimization: 

The vertical slide injection molding machine automatically obtains the best PID control parameters. Operation procedure:

  • Set the required temperature of each section in the heating screen for normal production.
  • Select “1: Optimize.”
  • Press the heating button to start heating for about 20 minutes.
  • Then the screen will show “Optimization complete.”

Note: The heating optimization of the vertical slide injection molding machine has been performed before the machine leaves the factory, so there is no need to repeat it unless the following conditions occur:

  1. Temperature control is unstable, and the temperature deviation is too large;
  2. The heating coil is replaced; 
  3. The heating section is increased. 

Heating optimization must be performed when the barrel temperature is at room temperature. During the execution of heating optimization, do not turn off the heating or cut off the power to the heating coil, and do not execute the injection, melt and release actions.

The production setup page allows you to set parameters and equipment related to the production of the vertical disc injection molding machine, such as product count, drop electric eye, robot, accumulator, etc. In the main screen of the vertical disc injection molding machine, press F8 → F2 to open the production setting page.

The relevant parameters of the production process are set. Use product count: Turn on/off the product count function. The product count is set on the main screen page, and the production will be stopped once the target number of products is reached.

Zero product count: 

Set the current product count to “0”. The number of cavities: set the number and how many products can be produced per mold.

Product weight: 

Set the weight of each product. This value is used to calculate the energy consumption of each product. Cycle Delay: The gray box shows the actual cycle delay time, and the white box shows the set cycle delay time.

Maximum cycle time:

The vertical disc injection molding machine sets the maximum cycle time. The gray box is the actual cycle time. The white box is the set maximum cycle time value. The alarm will be generated when the time is exceeded.

Eco mechanical interface: 

The vertical disc injection molding machine can activate the automatic function. Use simple robotic IO configuration.

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