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How to choose the model of injection molding machine?

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of injection molding machines, and various specifications, models, quality, and grades of injection molding machines can meet the needs of different manufacturers, so we do not know where to start when selecting injection molding machines models. How to quickly select the injection molding machine, the following is to introduce the relevant injection molding machine selection tips and methods.

Tools / raw materials: tape measure

Methods / steps.

As there are very many types of injection molding machines, in the beginning, we must first correctly determine which kind of injection molding machine this plastic product should be, or which specification series of injection molding machine to produce, such as general thermoplastic plastic, Bakelite raw materials or PET raw materials, etc., is a single color, two-color, multi-color, laminated or mixed color, etc. In addition, some plastic products have special requirements, such as high stability (closed circuit), high precision, ultra-high injection speed, high injection pressure, or fast production conditions, and must also choose the appropriate series to produce.

From the mold size, we can determine whether the machine’s “large column inner distance,” “mold thickness,” “mold minimum size,” and “mold tray size “To confirm the mold can fit or not. From the mold and plastic products, we determine whether the “mold opening stroke” and “mold holding stroke” are sufficient to allow the plastic products to be removed. The plastic product and plastic-type determine the “clamping force” tonnage.

To calculate the weight of the finished product, the number of cavities (how many cavities in a mold) should be considered; for stability, the injection volume should be at least 1.35 times the weight of the finished product. The conditions of “screw compression ratio” and “injection pressure” are determined by the type of plastic.

In this case, it may be necessary to check whether the machine’s injection rate and speed are sufficient and whether a pressure accumulator or closed circuit control device is required. Under the same conditions, a screw that can provide a higher injection pressure usually has a lower injection speed. Conversely, a screw that can provide a lower injection pressure usually has a higher injection speed.

Therefore, when choosing the screw diameter, the injection volume, pressure, and rate (injection speed) should be cross-considered and traded off.

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