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How to Balance the Vertical Injection Molding Machine?

Vertical injection moulding machine table flatness can reflect the clamping part of the situation. The template does not have a parallel surface, which will make the product not pass, and the machine moulds shell is damaged. The flatness of the mold plate can be based on the locking mold when the tail plate moving condition and injection moulding product appearance analysis of the basic reflect out, but the exact condition, using the internal diameter of the percentage table and other instruments to test and get. The adjustment of flatness of the mold plate must be adjusted by the staff who know the machine according to the process. Otherwise, it will be improperly adjusted to the impact of the equipment.

Mould thickness adjustment should be applied to the time mold thickness adjustment system. The mold thickness from thicker to ultra-thin back and forth adjust function once to ensure smooth posture and long-term processing of the same mold equipment. Be sure to carry out the check to prevent common failures.

In the intermediate air inlet system, all machinery and equipment part have moderate wetting, intermediate air inlet system is one of the injections into the machine at this stage. The remaining oil of the intermediate air intake system should often be whether it is full of oil. Commonly used lubricants clean crystalline to ensure all the lubrication parts have lubrication. The oil pipe blockage or leakage should be promptly removed, replaced, or repaired. Most of the damage to machinery and equipment is caused by the lack of lubrication, so we should pay enough attention to lubrication.

Maintaining smooth injection action in each position or not is likely to be caused by poor rate adjustment, rate change and time disharmony or mechanical equipment and air pressure adjustment. This kind of vibration will cause the vertical injection moulding machine machinery and equipment to speed up the damage and loosen the screw to have been tightened, so it should reduce and prevent vibration.

The rolling bearing checks the rolling bearing in the work when a humming sound or temperature rise indicates that the internal rolling bearing has been damaged. Should immediately check or remove and replace, and re-introduce lubricant.

The injection system injection machine screw, non-return ring and barrel constitute the heart tube of the plastic machine, is to improve the quality and efficiency of production and processing so that they maintain a stable operating condition. First adopted countermeasures to avoid non-plastic debris infiltration into the plastic material flow, followed by a high degree of attention to check the machine screw and barrel between the appropriate gap between the barrel and the stop ring barrel. 

All normal gaps should be able to seal the plastic flow back and cause the melt needs to cut the efficacy when the melt posture is found to be sluggish, wear-resistant materials have black spots and small black spots, or product moulding is not stable to check the vertical injection molding machine screw, stop ring and barrel Damage condition.

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