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How much does a vertical two-color injection molding machine cost?

A vertical two-color injection molding machine is suitable for two-color or two-material products with inlays in a single molding. For the market and customer demand, MINHUI has developed a two-color rotary machine, fixed type, and skateboard type two-color injection molding machine.

Among them, the disc-type two-color machine is used more:

  • Its multi-station rotary design
  • Stable rotation
  • Accurate positioning
  • Finished product removal
  • Accessories buried in the simple and convenient

Customized models can be based on rotary type, fixed type, and slide type, improving the two-color injection molding system.

In short, on the issue of how much a vertical two-color injection molding machine is, it is recommended the strength, reputation, and better reputation of the manufacturer, and then through comparison, choosing inexpensive and good quality equipment and the need based on the actual situation to carry out the selection of good performance of the equipment.

Vertical two-color injection molding machine prices on the market are high and low. Still, more and more injection molding parts for injection molding color requirements are becoming more and more diverse, the needs of the machine are also high, and its price is different especially multi-color injection molding.

Ordinary two-color injection molding when the basic, such as two-color liquid silicone phone case, two-color toothbrush handle, chips, trademarks, all kinds of two-color accessories, bicycle or electric car handles.

Some children’s toys, electronic product shells, and so on need three-color or even four-color injection molding needs. At present, the most customizable is six colors.

Vertical two-color injection molding machine has what kinds: MINHUI recommends two commonly used: vertical skateboard two-color injection molding machine and vertical disc injection molding machine (including with rotary core).

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