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C-Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine

C-Type plastic injection molding machine can match the characteristics of the embedded parts and the molding requirements, and match the skateboard type or the turntable type to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Machine's Description

C-Type Injection Molding Machine 85T


  • Clamping force: 55T to 85T.
  • Injection weight: 130g to 360g.
  • Clamping vertical, horizontal injection no columns design, three sides open, convenient take out products and put inserts.
  • More convenient to embed the long insert.
  • We can upgrade to servo motor for customer’s needs, The actual energy save 50%-70%.

C - Type Injection Molding Machine Specification


  • In-line open die horizontal side injection.
  • Screw three (four) stage temperature controller.
  • Vertical C-type injection molding machine without column, staff operation to improve efficiency.
  • Lower mold fixed upper type movable type for inserted objects do not have to worry about displacement to ensure the accuracy of the molded products.
  • Infrared electronic grating mold switch device can protect the mold
  • Can be equipped with a double sliding plate or disc. This machine is suitable for all kinds of plugs and data cables, and other wires.

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Sample Display

C-Type Injection Molding Min-Hui

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