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Rotary Injection Molding Machine 160T

Rotary injection molding machine 160T is suitable for inserting plastic material mold such as motor rotor, lithium battery parts mold, etc.

Rotary Injection Molding Machine 160T Video


Rotary Injection Molding Machine 160T Application

  1. Super ample mold installation space, using four-column design, no interference of the middle column.
  2. High-precision positioning, so that the upper and lower molds are more accurately molded together, 180 degrees of alternate rotation of the disc, sizeable operating space, easy to take out and put in the insert, high production efficiency.
  3. Automatic inserting and removing devices can be added to achieve the whole automatic operation of the machine.



  1. Double-station (or three-station) turntable table, stable rotation, and accurate positioning can improve production efficiency by up to 30%-50%.
  2. Comparable pressure and flow oil pressure circuit design.
  3. The injection system adopts electronic ruler control, multi-stage pressure, and speed adjustment can be set according to the requirements of the product, easy to adjust. Ensure the accuracy of the product.
  4. High precision P.I.D. temperature control, stable temperature control in each section, slight error.
  5. The injection system is designed with double injection cylinders, double seat cylinders, and double guide pillars, with smooth movement and high injection precision.
  6. Special screw and tube set design, suitable for different injection process requirements.
  7. Configuration of high torque, low noise hydraulic motor, so the plasticizing ability is more excellent.
  8. High-quality self-lubricating bearings are used in movable parts to make machine maintenance easier.


Advantages of Rotary Vertical Injection Molding Machine

  1. One machine with multiple molds improves production efficiency and saves time.
  2. Small investment, high return rate, one machine can top the efficiency of multiple machine products.
  3. Can realize automation, reduce labor cost, and higher efficiency.
  4. The machine has a long service life and is a fixed asset for customers.



INJECTION UNITScrew Diameter mmΦ 45Φ 50Φ 55
 Theoretical Injection Volumecm318393475
 Injection Weight (PS)g (oz)296 (10.4)365 (12.8)442 (15.6)
 Max.Injection PressureMpa (kgf / cm2)218 (2226)177 (1803)146 (1490)
 Injection Ratecm3 / s178220266
 Injection speedmm / s112  
 Speed Improvement mm / s290 (60T) / 200 (85T) / 168 (160T)  
 Screw Rotation Speedr.p.m0~300  
 Nozzle Out From Platensmm≥ 45  
CLAMPING UNITClamping ForceKN (tf)1568 (160)  
 Clamping Strokemm300  
 Min. Mold Thicknessmm300 (400)  
 Max. Openingmm600 (700)  
 Max. Mold Site (L×W)mm500×500  
 Diameter Of Rotary TablemmΦ 1360  
 Ejection Distancemm120  
 Ejector ForceKN (tf)45 (4.6)  
OTHERSSystem PressureMpa (kgf / cm2)13.7 (140)  
 Oil Tank CapacityL850  
 Motor PowerKW (HP)18.5 (25)  
 Machine Dimensions (L×W×H)M2.7×2.2×4.5  
 Machine Weighttf9.4  


Specification for a complete clamping (there’re another specification for independent clamping cylinder)

Rotary Plastic Injection Molding Machine clamping


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Rotary Injection Molding Machine 160T